Econocom – ICT services provider

Location: France

Segment: Virtual IT environment

Challenge: To find a power infrastructure solution for VSPEX certified viCUBE solution

Solution: Eaton´s power infrastructure solution

Result: Win-win partnership

Econocom is a European digital services group, providing a wide range of ITC services for distribution, administrative and financial management to help businesses manage their projects. In September 2013, Econocom finalised its acquisition of Osiatis, a major player in infrastructure services and a specialist
in related applications. The acquisition created a new player in the market and raised the standards in the digital services market. The company has a presence in 20 countries, has 8,300 employees and revenue of 2 billion euros, of which 650 million is in services.
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Latest successes

Basefarm Provides Pivotal Role in Frequency Response Market
Eaton supports Basefarm’s progressive attitude to mitigate the environmental impact of its data center and installs its UPS and EnergyAware solution to enable a bi-directional relationship with the grid to transmit power.

Eaton keeps Arctia icebreakers going through Nordic winters
Arctia icebreakers operate in the coastal area of Finland and in challenging conditions, ensuring reliable sea links for businesses in the harsh winters. Arctia’s icebreaking services include ship assistance, routing planning and related traffic management. Icebreakers ensure the safety  of winter traffic and assist merchant vessels by opening fairways, towing and releasing vessels from ice.

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