Eaton gives energy efficiency a boost in Meilahti Tower Hospital

Helsinki, Finland
Data center/IT
Improve energy efficiency and provide secure power protection for critical hospital applications while accommodating possible future upgrades.
Three UPS devices installed in parallel which use Eaton´s Hot Sync and Energy Saver System (ESS) technologies to ensure that they operate at a very high level of efficiency.
Eaton’s reliable UPS devices secure power for the hospital’s mission-critical applications whilst meeting the demand for high energy efficiency, exceeding the set goal of 1-hour+ power continuity. Eaton’s dependable technical support and 24/7 maintenance and services also help ensure the continuity of the operations and contribute to the patient’s safety.

Meilahti Hospital is the best known central hospital in Southern Finland, serving patients across the districts of Helsinki and Uusimaa. The tower wing of the hospital, built in 1965, recently underwent extensive renovation inside and out. While only minimal maintenance was allowed on the façade of the iconic building, which is protected under the city plan, the dated power management infrastructure inside the building was in need of a complete overhaul to meet modern energy efficiency goals, guarantee uninterrupted electrical supply for critical applications and accommodate possible future upgrades.
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