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Eaton is developing customer solutions that drive sustainable growth around the globe, including efficiently using and conserving global resources, developing energy efficient products, reducing emissions, protecting the environment, and volunteering time to help build stronger communities.

This includes the development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly technology.

Energy Saver Mode (ESM) enables users with extremely high efficiency and reliability where the load is under normal operating conditions fed through static bypass switch (bypass rectifier and inverter) and the actual UPS part (rectifier and inverter) is only turned on when utility power is lost, or while it is out of pre-specified limits by its voltage or frequency. What differentiates Eaton from competitors is the way it is done. With 9390 and 9395 UPS, Eaton is able to provide extremely good efficiencies compared to competition and also extremely fast transfer to inverter in case of utility failure, which is something that makes the system more reliable from loads side.

Products with this technology: Eaton 9355, 9390 and 9395 UPS

Easy Capacity Test (ECT) technology enables the user to test its entire power train under full load stress without the requirement of an external load thereby reducing the need for dummy loads on installation sites and providing energy savings by using of idle power.

Products with this technology: Eaton 9355, 9390 and 9395 UPS

Easy Capacity Test Introduction Video

Easy Capacity Movie

Powerware Hot Sync technology allows UPS modules to share loads without any communication wiring to the outside world thus erasing single point of failure and improving system reliability.

Products with this technology: BladeUPS, Eaton 9155, 9355, 9390, 9395 UPS

Advanced Battery Management™ (ABM)® technology increases the life of batteries with a three stage charging technique, thereby reducing the amount of waste and materials. It also uses less energy overall without constant charging leading to extended battery life.

Products with this technology: BladeUPS, Eaton 9130, 9155, 9355, 9390, 9395 UPS

Hot Swappable Batteries allows batteries to be replaced or removed one string at a time, thus reducing battery waste and providing more effective replacement while equipment is still in operation, therefore less down time.

Products with this technology: Eaton 9130, BladeUPS

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