Aphel Limited

Aphel Limited, acquired by Eaton in 2007, was a highly technically-enabled provider of connectivity solutions, with a long history of meeting the current and future needs of power and data provision. Aphel solutions were designed to accommodate the requirements of a broad range of markets including network and telecom, industrial, and military applications. The products are currently branded ePDU and are represented in the Eaton power quality portfolio.

Empowering users to measure power consumption—from an overview of the data center, right down to individual server—provides them a more complete understanding of power distribution in the data center. Eaton power distribution solutions incorporate local or IP monitoring technology to support a comprehensive understanding of power distribution in the rack for load balancing, load segmentation, efficiency, and energy consumption calculations. Eaton's 'managed' technology also allows the user to fully monitor, switch, sequence and manage individual outlets.

With all our products, Eaton strives for continued success in leveraging technical innovation to develop next-generation solutions. Our power quality portfolio was designed to fulfill specific customer requirements, complement a new or pre-existing solution, and to deliver a comprehensive solution.