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LanSafe v. 5 UPS Software

If all computer and network equipment are connected to a Powerware UPS running LanSafe software, there is no need to worry about power disturbances and outages. The user will escape all the unpleasant consequences the less wary are likely to encounter: lost orders, lost records, corrupted files, and, in all likelihood, corrupted databases.

In the case of a power outage, LanSafe automatically initiates a complete, orderly shutdown, saving all work-in-progress on all the workstations. While traditional shutdown software communicates only with the system directly connected to the UPS, LanSafe performs a system-wide shutdown process on all protected computers.

Experience LanSafe without downloading the software by viewing the LanSafe Explorer demonstration software, available now!

Features & Benefits

Preserves data-integrity system wide: sequential shutdown of all computers protected by a single UPS
System-wide control and configuration via cross-platform functionality
Networked UPSs can be tested and managed from one node
Automatic email alert on UPS status
Configure actions for power events
Power conditions can be analysed with voltage logging
Scheduled on/off times enable power conservation
Load segment control adds flexibility to power management
Reduces cost per device for power protection with UPS groups
USB support
Available free of charge for use with Powerware UPSs

Want to know more?

LanSafe Explorer demo software now available
Product Snapshot
 Type:  Network shutdown software
 Operating Systems:  Currently supports up to 20 operating systems