Warranty Advance

This service offer grants customers' peace of mind during three years, thanks to a higher service level compared to normal standard warranty.

You must register on-line within the first 30 days of purchasing your Warranty Advance contract.

Register your Warranty Advance service pack here. You will receive a confirmation mail once your registration is registered.

  • 1 on-site intervention (in case of breakdown) during the first 2 years, simply by contacting the call centre in your country
  • 1 maintenance visit in the last year
  • Technical updates
  • A professional, customized help line at your service
  • Emergency response (travel to site within 8 hours)

Warranty Advance

Please use our Warranty Advance Choice Guide to choose the correct service plan sales reference number.

Web Reference (@) Reference Description Products
WAD001WEB WAD001 Warranty Advance Product line A Eaton 9130 5/6 kVA
Eaton 9PX 5 to 11 kVA
Eaton 9SX 5 to 11 kVA
Eaton 9PX 10/12 kVA
Eaton 9155 8/10 kVA
Eaton 9355 8/10 kVA
Eaton 93PS 8/10 kVA
Eaton 9E 15/20 kVA
Eaton 93E 15/20 kVA
WAD002WEB WAD002 Warranty Advance Product line B Eaton 9155 12/15 kVA
Eaton 9355 12/15 kVA
Eaton 93PS 15/20 kVA
Eaton 93E 30kVA
WAD003WEB WAD003 Warranty Advance Product line C Eaton BladeUPS
Eaton 9355 20/30 kVA
Eaton 9PX 16/22 kVA
Eaton 93PS (8+8) kVA
Eaton 93PS (10+10) kVA
Eaton 93PS 30/40 kVA
Eaton 93E 40 kVA
Eaton 9355 40 kVA
Eaton 93E 60 kVA
Eaton 93E 80 kVA
WAD004WEB WAD004 Warranty Advance Product line D Eaton 93PS (15+15) kVA
Eaton 93PS (20+20) kVA
Eaton 93E 100 kVA
Eaton 93PM 30 kVA
Eaton 93PM 40 kVA
WAD005WEB WAD005 Warranty Advance Product line E Eaton 93PM 50 kVA
Eaton 93PM 60 kVA
Eaton 93PM 80 kVA
Eaton 93E 120 kVA
WAD006WEB WAD006 Warranty Advance Product line F Eaton 93PM 100 kVA
Eaton 93PM 120 kVA
Eaton 93E 160 kVA
WAD007WEB WAD007 Warranty Advance Product line G Eaton 93PM 150 kVA
Eaton 93PM 160 kVA
Eaton 93E 200 kVA
WAD008WEB WAD008 Warranty Advance Product line H Eaton 93PM 200 kVA

Warranty Advance – Documentation