Battery Management & Monitoring Solutions

Improper battery maintenance is the number one cause of load loss. Designed to minimize this risk, Eaton UPSs feature battery management and monitoring solutions to take the guesswork out of battery maintenance and increase system reliability:

ABM Technology

ABM graph

Data based upon tests performed by an independent battery manufacturer.

Most UPS batteries on the market today are constantly “trickle-charged,” a process that degrades the battery’s internal chemical composition and reduces potential battery service life by as much as 50 percent.

In contrast, Eaton's exclusive ABM technology uses sophisticated sensing circuitry and an innovative three-stage charging technique that extends the useful service life of UPS batteries while optimizing the battery recharge time.

ABM technology also provides up to 60 days’ notice of the end of useful battery service life to allow you ample time to hot swap batteries without ever having to shut down connected equipment.

ABM technology is available for the Eaton 5SC, 5P, 5PX, 9130, 9130 Rackmount, 9SX, 9PX, 9155, 93E, 93PM, BladeUPS and 9395P UPS models.

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