UPS Paralleling with Powerware Hot Sync® Technology

Field-tested and installed in thousands of installations around the world, Powerware Hot Sync technology has become the global reliability standard.

This technology enables a multi-module configuration to operate in parallel without the need for inter-module communications. This eliminates the system level single-point-of-failure inherent in traditional parallel configurations and maximizes availability.

Watch Eaton's latest video of how this technology works.

Hot Sync redundant allows N+x parallel installation of up to four Eaton UPSs, with the UPS modules sharing the critical load between them. Should a failure of any kind occur with either module, the critical load remains 100% UPS protected. Internal diagnostics immediately isolate the faulty UPS module from the critical bus while the other UPS assumes the full load.

Hot Sync capacity enables up to eight UPS modules to operate in parallel to increase the load capacity. By adding more UPS modules than is needed to support the load, redundancy can also be achieved. For example, should the load requirement be 800 kVA, selecting three 400 kVA units would give N+1 redundancy--two modules to feed the load and one for redundancy.

Hot Sync technology is available on the Eaton 9PX, 9155, 93E, 93PM, 9395P and BladeUPS.

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