Eaton UPS Handbook

This comprehensive guide includes all the information that resellers need to help them understand and sell the industry-leading power protection solutions from Eaton. You’ll find a wealth of useful resources, all designed to help you develop the best solution for your customers. This handbook includes information about power problems, factors affecting battery life, an overview of various UPS topologies in addition to plug and receptacle charts.

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Introduction (2)

Everything you need to know about electricity

The basics of voltage, amperes and frequency (3)

Worldwide voltage (4)

Single-phase power (6)

Three-phase power (7)

Everything you need to know about UPS

Why a UPS? (8)

Nine power problem overview (9)

UPS topologies (10)

UPS form factors (11)

Input plugs and output receptacles (12)

UPS battery overview (13)

Factors affecting battery life (15)

UPS software overview (16)

Service overview (17)

Get to know Eaton power quality products

Eaton product overview (19)

Service overview (21)

How to sell UPSs successfully

Top 10 UPS design consideration (23)

Decentralised or centralised UPS? (26)

Critical questions to ask prospective UPS customers (28)

FAQs, glossary & acronyms

Frequently asked questions (29)

Glossary of power terms (31)

Commonly-used acronyms (35)