Eaton HCS Flexible Return Duct

The Flexible Return Duct integrates with the HCS for clients having enclosures that are off grid from drop ceilings, where obstacles preclude the use of chimneys or having uneven ceilings throughout their data center.

A simple interface easily connects to the top of the Heat Containment System chimney. Flexible 10" ducts are clamped to the interface and a 2’ X 2’ ceiling tile, which is mounted to the plenum ceiling to create a closed loop system. The HCS ducting system is designed to fit on HCS chimney bases, part numbers HCS24001B and HCS30001B. The new ducting system is more economical than a custom HVAC installation and helps create a predictable environment while increasing CRAC efficiency.


Eaton HCS Flexible Return Duct – Features

  • Ducting is V-0 rated and self extinguishing
  • Ceiling tile is available in Nugrey to match existing tiles
  • Ducting can be cut in the field for custom fits
  • Each duct comes with four clamps
  • Ducts are positioned directly over the fan for maximum airflow


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