Eaton CRAC Collar

Eaton CRAC Collar

The CRAC Collar features an integrated design, comprised of steel panels that mount easily to the top of any CRAC unit. Collars allow front filter installation and service and completely integrate with airflow dampening devices. This closed-loop integration of the air conditioning supply or exhaust completes the modular airflow containment strategy in the data center, resulting in a more energy-efficient operation.

Eaton CRAC Collar – Features

  • Increased Energy Efficiency and Predictability – The CRAC Intake can now be controlled to receive just the exhausted air from data center enclosures; eliminating wasteful bypass air
  • Reduced Energy Needs – Precision cooling reduces energy waste from over-cooling by “tuning” air conditioning set points to optimize inlet air temperatures
  • Ease of Installation & Access – Allows for easy removal of access panels for cleaning, maintenance, and filter management
  • Modular Design – Collars can be customized to meet your specific requirements with adjustable widths, depths, and ceiling heights / stratification layers
  • Optional Backflow Baffle and Inlet Temperature Sensor Display


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