Power Xpert 9395 - Strongest power performance

alt Double-conversion design offers the highest protection possible
alt Easy capacity test

Double-conversion design offers the highest protection possible
Unlike some other commercially available UPS technologies, the double-conversion design completely isolates output power from all input power anomalies and delivers 100-percent conditioned, perfect sine-wave output—regulating both voltage and frequency. Even when presented with the most severe power problems, power output remains stable. Output voltage THD is held within two percent of nominal specification for linear loads, and within five percent for nonlinear loads—making the 9395 ideal for supporting equipment that is sensitive to a distorted voltage input as a result of harmonic loads. In the event of a utility power failure, there is no delay transferring to backup power.

Easy Capacity Test
The 9395 tests its entire power train under full load stress without the requirement of an external load. With no load connected, the 9395 is able to test all of its power handling components, including the rectifier, inverter, contactors, fuses, power busses, cabling, batteries, bypass (static switch), magnetics, and filter capacitors. The net result of this innovative load test is that there are no load banks to rent, no temporary load connections to make, and no wasted energy. Furthermore, the 9395 has the ability to test the upstream bypass input breaker (BIB), the rectifier input breaker (RIB), and all of the electrical cables between them. This load test feature can take the place of some traditional load bank tests to save you time and money during startup and commissioning.

Easy Capacity Test power flow

Easy Capacity Test Introduction Video

Easy Capacity Movie
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