Legacy Products

With all our products, Eaton strives for continued success in leveraging technical innovation to develop next-generation solutions. Our power quality portfolio was designed to fulfil specific customer requirements, complement a new or pre-existing solution, and to deliver a comprehensive solution.

The products below are no longer manufactured but they are still supported by Eaton.

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Backup Power (UPS)

Best Power

Discontinued Product Recommended Replacement 
Best Power Axxium Rackmount Eaton 9PX
Best Power Axxium Pro Eaton 9PXM
Best Power 610 (700-3000) Eaton 9SX
Best Power 610 (6000 & 10000) Eaton 9155
Best Power 0800 FERRUPS Eaton Ferrups
Best Power Fortress Telecom Eaton 5PX
Best Power Fortress Rackmount Eaton 5PX
Best Power Fortress (750 - 1050) Eaton 5SC
Best Power Fortress (1425 - 2250) Eaton 5P
Best Power Patriot Eaton 3S
Best Power Patriot Pro II Eaton 5SC
Unity/1 - UT3K Eaton 9PX
Unity/1 - UT4K Eaton 9PX
Unity/1 - UT5K Eaton 9PX
Unity/1 - UT8K Eaton 9PX
Unity/1 - up to 40 kVA Eaton 9355 or Eaton 9390IT
Unity/1 - 40 kVA - 160 kVA Eaton 93PM
Unity/1 - over 160 kVA Power Xpert 9395


Discontinued Product Recommended Replacement 

Powerware Series

Discontinued Product Recommended Replacement 
BPII HE Eaton 9355
BPII-S HE Eaton 9355
BPIII (80-160 kVA) Eaton 9355
BPIII (225-300 kVA) Eaton 9355
BPIII HE Eaton 9355
BPIV Eaton 9355
Eaton 9315 (200-750 kVA) Power Xpert 9395
Powerware 3110 Eaton 3S
Powerware 3105 350 VA Eaton 3S
Powerware 5110 350 VA Eaton 5S
Powerware 5119 (1000-3000 VA) Eaton 5P
Powerware 5119 Rackmount Eaton 5PX
Powerware 5125 1-3 kVA Rackmount Eaton 5PX
Powerware 5140 (6000 VA) Eaton 9PX
Powerware 9104 3.1kVA Rackmount Eaton 9PX
Powerware 9104 3.1kVA Tower Eaton 9SX
Powerware 9104 5-6kVA Eaton 9PX
Powerware 9120 (700-3000 VА) Eaton 9SX
Powerware 9125 Eaton 9SX
Powerware 9125 Rackmount Eaton 9PX
Powerware 9150 (8-12.5 kVA) Eaton 9155
Powerware 9170 (3-18 kVA) Eaton 9PXM
Powerware 9305 Eaton 9355 or Eaton 93PM
Powerware 9315 30 - 160 kVA Eaton 9355 or Eaton 93PM
Powerware 9320 Eaton BladeUPS
Powerware 9330 Eaton 9355
Powerware FERRUPS Rackmount 50HZ UPS  
Powerware Plus18 (12-18 kVA) Eaton 9355
Powerware Plus36 (24-36 kVA) Eaton 9355 or Eaton 9390IT
Prestige 650 VA Eaton 9130 Tower 700VA
Prestige 1000 VA Eaton 9130 Tower 1000VA
Prestige 1500 VA Eaton 9130 Tower 1500VA
Prestige 2000 VA Eaton 9130 Tower 2000VA
Prestige 3000 VA Eaton 9130 Tower 3000VA
Prestige 3000 VA Rackmount (120/230 VA) Eaton 9PX

Pulsar (MGE OPS) Series

Discontinued Product Recommended Replacement 
Pulsar EL Eaton 5S
Pulsar ES Eaton 5S
Pulsar ES+ Eaton 5S
Pulsar ESV Eaton 5P
Pulsar ESV+ Eaton 5P
Pulsar EX Eaton 9130 Tower
Pulsar EXL Eaton 9130 Tower
Comet Extreme Eaton 9PX
Comet EX RT Eaton 5P
Ellipse 250 Eaton 3S
Ellipse Premium Eaton 5S


Discontinued Product Recommended Replacement 
Borri (B1000, B4000)  
Topaz SV

Power Distribution

Discontinued Product Recommended Replacement 
Eaton Midspan  

Power Conditioners

Discontinued Product Recommended Replacement 
Eaton EVR  
Eaton Power-Suppress T7  

Power Management


Discontinued Product Recommended Replacement 
CheckUPS UPS Software  
Eaton Enterprise Power Manager Gold edition Intelligent Power Manager
LanSafe v. 4  
LanSafe v. 5  
LanSafe v. 6  
Eaton Network Shutdown Module Intelligent Power Protector
Personal Solution-Pac Eaton UPS Companion
Power Xpert Gateway 1000 Card Power Xpert Gateway PDP Card
Power Xpert Gateway 2000 Card Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card
PowerVision Software Power Xpert Software
Powerware CoreLogic Software Development Toolkit  
Powerware NetWatch Software v4  
NetWatch Software v5  
MultiView Software Intelligent Power Protector
LanSafe WebView Intelligent Power Protector
OnliNet Network Power Management  

Connectivity & Network Cards

Discontinued Product Recommended Replacement 
BestLink SNMP/Web  
ConnectUPS M SNMP  
ConnectUPS-MS Network Management Card (P/N 103006826) Network Card-MS
ConnectUPS SNMP  
ConnectUPS SL SNMP  
ConnectUPS-X Web/SNMP Device Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card
EnviroCom I  
EnviroCom II  
Environmental Rack Monitor  
FERRUPS Signal Splitter Box  
Industrial Network Management Card–Modbus & Jbus (P/N 103006827)
Multi-Server Card  
Network Management Card-MS (P/N 66102) Network Card-MS
Network Management Card and Modbus/Jbus - Mini-Slot (P/N 66103)
Network and MODBUS Card-MS  
Powerware X-slot USB Card UPS Connectivity Device  
Relay Interface Adapter (RIA)  
Relay Management Card (P/N 66104) Relay Card-MS
Relay Management Card Contacts & RS232 –MS(P/N 103006828) Relay Card-MS

Surge Suppression

Discontinued Product Recommended Replacement 
Eaton Surge Protection Devices - PSPV Series Eaton Surge Protection Devices - SPC Series
Eaton TVSS Eaton Surge Protective Devices
NetSurge and NetSurgePlus  
PowerGuardian and DataGuardian  
ZoneMaster, ZoneSentinel and ZoneDefender