Legacy Connectivity

Products in Eaton's Powerware portfolio that are still used in a limited number of applications and are not under further development.

BestLink SNMP/Web
FERRUPS Signal Splitter Box
Relay Interface Adapter (RIA)

BestLink SNMP/Web

Extensive Power Management Communication

BestLink SNMP/WEB Adapters are network adapters for Powerware FERRUPS and legacy Best Power UPS systems that provide SNMP, HTTP, SMTP, WAP and Telnet compatibility and advanced RS232 communications. These adaptors allow easy monitoring, management and if necessary, safe shut down or re-boot of UPS-protected servers, routers, hubs and other key inter-networking devices in a controlled manner. BestLink SNMP/WEB Adapters are a self-contained link between the UPS and Ethernet LAN/WAN, allowing your UPS to be remotely monitored and controlled from the next room, building, state or even another country, with no additional overhead on any server.

These dedicated cards provide the essential network connection and pathway between the UPS and any popular Web browser or network management platform. BestLink SNMP/WEB Adapters also control automatic shutdown of protected computer systems with the use of Powerware NetWatch v4 Software.

Expanded Network Management Control and Visibility

BestLink SNMP/WEB Adapters expand your control and monitoring of power conditions throughout the network. They also allow you to track power-related problems anywhere on the network. Along with managing the servers, routers, hubs and other network devices, the UPS can also be monitored and controlled. Because of the BestLink SNMP/WEB Adapters' compatibility with such standard Web browsers as Netscape or Internet Explorer you can simplify your management process through web access.

Real-time Network Communication and Control

By utilizing the supplied MIB (Management Information Base) for UPSs, real-time monitoring and control of power protection across your LAN or WAN is achievable by using third-party network management software. The same network management software used to manage your other SNMP-compatible devices such as SunNet Manager, Novell Manage Wise, HP-OpenView, NetView 6000, and others, may be used to manage the UPS. Even if your protected device goes down, the UPS can still communicate via the BestLink SNMP/WEB Adapter. You can use the UPS to re-boot connected equipment. You can also remotely change UPS-related parameters, tailoring them to your specific requirements, as well as display MIB variables such as line voltage and frequency, battery voltage, UPS load, and various alarms

FERRUPS Signal Splitter Box

The FERRUPS Signal Splitter Box allows a single FERRUPS UPS to control the automatic shutdown of multiple computer systems. This is accomplished by splitting one set of basic relay contact outputs from the FERRUPS UPS into four sets of basic relay contact outputs. These outputs are, in turn, distributed to up to four computer systems where a graceful shutdown can be accomplished using Powerware CheckUPS II software.

EnviroCom I

The EnviroCom I is an electronic watchman. It monitors specific environmental and operating conditions of remote locations including AC power, Temperature, High sound levels, or UPS Battery conditions. The EnviroCom I is intended for use with the Powerware FERRUPS UPS but can be used with other UPSs or as a stand-alone device. When the EnviroCom I detects an abnormal condition, it will sequentially dial up to four user-programmed telephone numbers with an alarm message and repeat this process until its' message is properly acknowledged.

EnviroCom II

EnviroCom II works in conjunction with a FERRUPS UPS unit to monitor and respond to extended power outages, FERRUPS UPS alarms, high or low temperature conditions, user-definable alarm contacts and an auxiliary analog input. Upon sensing an alarm condition, EnviroCom II calls up to four phone numbers in sequence. Each phone number may be programmed to use either the built-in 1200-baud modem or digital voice to warn the user.

Relay Interface Adapter (RIA)

The Relay Interface Adapter (RIA) is intended to provide true Form-C dry contact relay outputs from a Powerware Prestige UPS system. The RIA allows simple and accurate monitoring of Prestige UPS status through true dry contacts. It can also provide remote monitoring via dry contacts or via the RS-232 port using the Powerware ConnectUPS Adapter. It can be used in conjunction with LanSafe™ software to monitor and control your Prestige UPS.