How much power do you need?

The footprint of today's IT equipment is getting smaller, and the latest studies and client trends indicate that the average power needed per rack is increasing all the time. Two very significant problems data centers are facing with the high-density trend, are powering and cooling these dense racks of sophisticated equipment.

Standard Density (0-5kW)

Our Standard Density ePDUs have up to eight 1U/2U servers or peripherals, such as network switches, environmental monitors, KVM devices and rack accessories

High Density (5-10kW)

Our High Density ePDUs have up to 25 1U/2U servers or three blade server chassis, offering up to 45 receptacles in multiple form factors.

Ultra High Density (10+kW)

Our Ultra High Density ePDUs are for racks with up to four blade server chassis and power-hungry pieces of IT equipment.