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OnliNet Software
CheckUPS Software Suite

These products remain in Eaton's Powerware portfolio and are still used in a limited number of applications but are not under further development.

OnliNet Software

Management of today's networks continues to become more complicated for network managers with increased needs of network users and the complexity of network configurations. Network Power Management solutions are designed to increase productivity through the use of advanced power protection integrated directly into the network environment.

Network Power Management is the combination of network management applications and power protection. With these two powerful concepts and Powerware solutions, you can realize key benefits of:

Features & Benefits

Real-time information on network-wide power quality and events that affect system availability
Control of power connected to individual network devices
Continuous, clean power to each device within the network
Automatic and graceful shutdown of network devices during extended power outages
Monitoring to analyze and diagnose network problems

CheckUPS Software Suite

The CheckUPS is a comprehensive collection of power management and shutdown software for use with Powerware and Best/SOLA uninterruptible power systems. The CheckUPS provides enhanced UPS monitoring and unattended system shutdown features for most popular operating systems, including Windows 9x and Windows NT/2000, Novell NetWare, and many versions of UNIX.

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Supported Operating Systems

Win 9x, NT, Various UNIX versions, Novell Netware