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PowerVision Enterprise Manager

PowerVision Enterprise Manager is an optional enhancement to PowerVision power management software providing an enterprise-wide view of distributed power protection strategies, overseeing multiple PowerVision Network Edition and Facility Edition systems across the organization. Administrators can supervise all UPSs installed in large and dynamic organizations, run centralized inventory and health reports, and always have up-to-date records on preventive maintenance and battery replacement dates.

With a big-picture perspective clarified through on-demand, system-level reports more educated decisions can be made at the corporate level to optimize future expansion and maintenance. That’s business intelligence with bottom-line benefits.

With PowerVision Enterprise Manager, you can drill down to diagnose power sources, UPS electronics, power performance... even operating conditions. You can display real-time information in multiple views... organize equipment into logical groups... and show different views for multiple UPSs on screen at the same time. You’ll have a clear picture of when preventive maintenance is due, or when batteries are reaching the end of service life... or a current inventory of all your power protection assets.

As your organization adds more PowerVision systems, it’s easy to bring those locations and their UPSs into the enterprise-wide perspective. This phased approach makes PowerVision Enterprise Manager a valuable option for meeting immediate needs and expanding for the future.

PowerVision Enterprise Manager oversees multiple PowerVision Network Edition systems across the organization.