PowerVision Facility Edition
Features & Benefits

  • Monitor diverse and large UPS systems across the enterprise.
    Administrators can monitor all Eaton UPSs from 1 to 750 kVA including UPSs that are configured to parallel with Powerware Hot Sync technology, whereby multiple modules perform as a single UPS entity. You can also monitor the status of standards-compliant UPSs from other vendors. There’s no need to support multiple workstations and systems just because you have a multi-vendor environment.
  • Monitoring other elements of the power distribution and environmental subsystems.
    Working with a PowerVision Data Acquisition Terminal, the Facility Edition can gather alarm/status information from up to 16 different third-party devices using relay contacts. From a single management system, you can monitor many different elements of the electrical distribution and environmental subsystems such as standby generators, automatic transfer switches, power distribution units (PDUs), DC flywheels, DC rectifiers, battery monitoring systems, and transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSSs) thereby streamlining total data center management.
  • Historical and predictive reports.
    Integrated data analysis tools identify trends and reveal cause-and-effect relationships that accelerate troubleshooting and resolution. Data files are created in ODBC-compliant format for sharing with other database programs. There's a broad selection of pre-defined reports, and a robust, built-in report-writing tool makes it easy to develop custom reports. Powerful built-in graphics can quickly reveal trends that might be hidden in text reports.
  • Integration with Building Management Systems.
    Add a PowerVision Modbus Gateway, and PowerVision can integrate with your standards-compliant building management system (BMS) automatically sending alerts, alarms, even real-time meter data from monitored devices. Eaton can also customize your PowerVision Facility Edition system to intelligently monitor other power components that support the open standard Modbus RTU protocol.
  • Monitoring of UPSs across the entire enterprise.
    Add PowerVision Enterprise Manager, and your span of control now reaches across many PowerVision servers and networks and a virtually unlimited number of UPSs and other devices.

With PowerVision, you have the tools and insights to keep your critical power infrastructure running at optimum performance and availability the essential foundation for the “five-nines” and higher availability that data center managers are being pressed to deliver.


Features Edition
  PowerVision Network Edition PowerVision Enterprise Manager PowerVision Facility Edition
Monitoring of multiple UPSs via SNMP with auto-discovery Tick   Tick
Monitoring of other equipment relay contacts over network     Tick
Alarm notification via email, alphanumeric pagers, and SNMP traps Tick Tick Tick
Integration with building management systems via optional modbus gateway     Tick
Built-in intelligent shutdown of computer operating systems powered by multiple UPSs Tick   Tick
Standard and customizable equipment graphics and system one-line diagrams   Tick Tick
Standard and customizable event logs and data reports Tick Tick  
Historical database of all monitored data for 3 years Tick   Tick
Advanced statistical analysis and graphing of multiple parameters simultaneously   Tick Tick
Centralized monitoring of multiple PowerVision installations from a single desktop   Tick