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PowerVision Facility Edition

PowerVision Facility Edition provides one-line detailed UPS information, monitors system status of other elements in the critical power distribution system such as generators, static switches, power distribution units (PDUs), and air conditioners through alarm contacts and supports in-depth reporting, analysis, and graphics.

Features & Benefits

  • Monitor a diverse range of UPS sizes across the enterprise from a central location, or via the Internet and mobile devices
  • Provide detailed UPS information to facility personnel
  • Monitor multi-module synchronized parallel UPSs that use Powerware Hot Sync technology
  • Monitor other elements of the power protection infrastructure, in addition to UPSs
  • Use analytic reporting to gauge UPS health and performance and plan proactive action
  • Integrate with standard Building Management Systems
  • Gain enterprise-wide perspective on the performance of UPSs and power protection devices by adding PowerVision Enterprise Manager

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PowerVision Facility Edition monitors a wide-range of UPSs and other components of a centralized critical power protection infrastructure.