PowerVision Network Edition
Features & Benefits

  • Monitoring of networked UPSs from a central location.
    With a standard connection to your company network, every UPS connected to your network can share status and performance data with the PowerVision system whether it’s a Eaton UPS or not. Getting started is easy. PowerVision automatically finds all UPSs on the network and presents you a list. Just pick which UPSs to bring into PowerVision, and go. You don’t need to know the IP addresses.

    For remote UPSs equipped with Environmental Monitoring Probes, PowerVision can monitor temperature and humidity, along with two additional sensor inputs, such as from smoke, intrusion, and motion detectors. Eaton can customize your PowerVision Network Edition to support other SNMP-enabled devices, such as small PDUs, spot air conditioners, or sensors in intelligent racks. With standard and custom capabilities, you can continually keep tabs on sites that may be hundreds or thousands of miles away.

  • Streamline asset management tasks for all UPSs on the network.
    Network administrators can now easily manage a vast array of UPSs distributed throughout a large campus network. Even though network configurations and job responsibilities may be constantly changing, you’ll always be able to easily manage UPS installation dates, preventative maintenance dates, and battery replacement dates.
  • Immediate notification of issues.
    Administrators get immediate notification of alarm conditions, wherever they are delivered online, to wireless devices, or by SNMP traps to a network management system.
  • Graceful, unattended server shutdown.
    If it looks like an outage will last longer than available backup power, PowerVision gracefully shuts down servers, so you won’t lose data or lock up systems.
  • Intelligent shut-down of servers with dual power sources.
    If a server has two power supplies, protected by separate UPSs, PowerVision knows it shouldn’t shut down the server unless BOTH UPSs say so.
  • Save time and training costs by integrating with your existing network management system.
    Simplify your management activities by having PowerVision Network Edition share its information with your familiar network management system (NMS). If PowerVision detects a change in status on either a standard event or a complex event programmed by you, the system sends an SNMP trap to your NMS. The familiar software that delivers alerts from other network equipment is now empowered to deliver messages from PowerVision as well. PowerVision intelligently correlates many conditions within the system, so you won’t get nuisance alerts, just notification of meaningful events of concern.
  • Monitoring of UPSs across the entire enterprise.
    Add PowerVision Enterprise Manager, and your span of control now reaches across many PowerVision servers and networks and a virtually unlimited number of UPSs and other devices.
  • Historical and predictive reports.
    Add PowerVision Enterprise Manager, and data from the Network Edition can now be used to identify trends, reveal cause-and-effect relationships that accelerate troubleshooting, and help plan for the future.
Features Edition
  PowerVision Network Edition PowerVision Enterprise Manager PowerVision Facility Edition
Monitoring of multiple UPSs via SNMP with auto-discovery Tick   Tick
Monitoring of other equipment relay contacts over network     Tick
Alarm notification via email, alphanumeric pagers, and SNMP traps Tick Tick Tick
Integration with building management systems via optional modbus gateway     Tick
Built-in intelligent shutdown of computer operating systems powered by multiple UPSs Tick   Tick
Standard and customizable equipment graphics and system one-line diagrams   Tick Tick
Standard and customizable event logs and data reports Tick Tick  
Historical database of all monitored data for 3 years Tick   Tick
Advanced statistical analysis and graphing of multiple parameters simultaneously   Tick Tick
Centralized monitoring of multiple PowerVision installations from a single desktop   Tick