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PowerVision Network Edition

PowerVision Network Edition provides remote monitoring and computer operating system shutdown for multiple single-phase UPSs and small-to-midrange three-phase UPSs, from Eaton and others - using industry-standard SNMP communications and integration with popular network management systems.

Features & Benefits

  • Unify and centralize supervision of multiple UPSs and other power protection equipment
  • Sustain premium power performance through enterprise-wide monitoring and real-time alarm management
  • Streamline asset management tasks for all UPSs on a network
  • Be automatically reminded of dates for scheduled maintenance and battery replacement
  • Stay continuously informed of equipment status with online and wireless alarm notification
  • Enhance the reliability of the entire power protection infrastructure through advanced trend analysis tools
  • Troubleshoot and predict issues quickly, before they affect performance
  • Protect critical data and applications through graceful shutdown of protected servers
  • Avoid unnecessary shutdowns of servers protected by multiple UPSs
  • Save valuable time and training costs with open communication standards and integration with your existing network and/or building management systems

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PowerVision Network Edition monitors multiple UPSs in a distributed environment over your existing local area network.