PowerVision Management Software
Features & Benefits

  • Unify and centralize supervision of multiple UPSs and other power protection equipment
  • Sustain premium power performance through enterprise-wide monitoring and real-time alarm management
  • Streamline asset management tasks for all UPSs on a network
  • Be automatically reminded of dates for scheduled maintenance and battery replacement
  • Stay continuously informed of equipment status with online and wireless alarm notification
  • Enhance the reliability of the entire power protection infrastructure through advanced trend analysis tools
  • Troubleshoot and predict issues quickly, before they affect performance
  • Protect critical data and applications through graceful shutdown of protected servers
  • Avoid unnecessary shutdowns of servers protected by multiple UPSs
  • Save valuable time and training costs with open communication standards and integration with your existing network and/or building management systems
Features Edition
  PowerVision Network Edition PowerVision Enterprise Manager PowerVision Facility Edition
Monitoring of multiple UPSs via SNMP with auto-discovery Tick   Tick
Monitoring of other equipment relay contacts over network     Tick
Alarm notification via email, alphanumeric pagers, and SNMP traps Tick Tick Tick
Integration with building management systems via optional modbus gateway     Tick
Built-in intelligent shutdown of computer operating systems powered by multiple UPSs Tick   Tick
Standard and customizable equipment graphics and system one-line diagrams   Tick Tick
Standard and customizable event logs and data reports Tick Tick  
Historical database of all monitored data for 3 years Tick   Tick
Advanced statistical analysis and graphing of multiple parameters simultaneously   Tick Tick
Centralized monitoring of multiple PowerVision installations from a single desktop   Tick