Personal Solution Pac Screenshot

Personal Solution-Pac

Eaton’s Personal Solution-Pac software provides power management for SOHO and small business users looking for an easy way to enhance the protection capabilities of their Eaton UPS.

This software gives users a real-time view of onsite power quality, with in-depth views of UPS status information, including:

  • communication status (on- or offline)
  • power source (battery or input power)
  • output load level
  • remaining backup time
  • battery level
In the event of a power failure, users also have the ability to set up automatic actions, like automatic PC or server shutdown at the end of the battery runtime or alert notification of any power problem.

Personal Solution-Pac also enables users to prepare for an instance in which power might be low. They can set the point at which the devices connected to their Eaton UPS switch to battery power, for maximum protection.

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