Management Pac2 Screenshot

Eaton Management Pac 2

Management-Pac 2 includes Enterprise Power Manager (50 nodes), Eaton software for managing networked UPS systems. Should you require to supervise more than 50 nodes please buy the Enterprise Power Manager "Gold Version" CD (ref# 66924), please note that this version doesn't include NMS integration kits.

Management-Pac 2 also includes the "integration kits", that allows easy integration of our UPSs in the latest versions of the popular Network Management Systems platforms:

  • HP OpenView Windows which is now compatible with NNM 6.4.1, 7 & 7.5 for Windows XP & Server 2003
  • HP Openview NNM 6.1/7 for HP-UX 10 & 11
  • HP SIM 4 & 5
  • HP Insight Manager 7 (MGE Office Protection Systems integration kit now benefits from a new automated installation/uninstallation procedure)
  • IBM Tivioli Netview 7.1 for AIX 5.1
  • Computer Associates Unicenter 3.0/3.1 for Windows

The Management-Pac 2 CD (ref 66923) includes all of these integration kits. HP Insight Manager 7 integration kit is available free of charge