Eaton Command/Control Furniture

Eaton is the leading provider of ergonomic consoles for mission-critical applications. By integrating people with technology, Eaton console designs help to manage technology-intensive command and control environments such as:

  • Emergency Operations Centers (EOC)/Public Safety
  • Network Operations Centers (NOC)
  • Process Control
  • Medical Imaging
  • Security
  • Transportation Management
  • Trading

Eaton Aware Command Console

The innovative design of Eaton’s new Aware command console offers state-of-the-art flexibility and technology integration; creating an optimal user experience.

Eaton Profile Console

As the leading dispatch furniture console, the Profile Advanced Console System can be outfitted to effectively manage and store all the technology that is available in today’s tech-driven command and control environments.

Eaton Profile Genesys

Eaton’s Profile Genesys is a freestanding command and control console that supports high-density flat panel display (FPD) applications in multiple command and control markets.

Eaton’s Personal Environment Zone

Eaton’s Personal Environment Zone allows users to maintain personal settings for temperature, airflow, lighting and worksurface height.

Eaton Filing/Storage Cabinets

Optimedia and Filing Companions offer the most flexible, custom configurable multimedia and storage systems available.

Eaton Carts

Ideal for all technical business and classroom applications, Eaton mobile furnishings are designed for the transportation, storage and ergonomic access to equipment, tools, parts and reference materials.


Eaton’s ergonomic seating portfolio includes something for every work environment. From 24/7 continuous shift and big and tall accommodations to executive office and task-intensive selections, we have a wide range of options for all seated workers.

Flat Panel Display Arms

A variety of convenient flat panel display arm options enable effective use of workspaces and give you more options and configurations.