Eaton LMS Lab Furniture

Advancing technology presents increasing demands on the support structures used to secure equipment and hardware. Totally modular, LMS is easily reconfigured, so as your hardware requirements change, so can your LMS unit.

Eaton LMS™ – Features

  • Available in 9 widths & 4 heights
  • Subdivided frame with over 1,000 components
  • Double-strength welded frame with structural uprights
  • Reverse I-beam 12 guage construction
  • Superior leveling capability
  • Unique trapezoid shaped hooking mechanism
  • Oversized vertical cable management
  • Electrical isolation and ESD control
  • ANSI/BIFMA certified performance
  • Lifetime warranty

EATON LMS™ – Documentation

Sorry no documents are available.

Eaton LMS™ – Options

Slat Wall Mount  
Extending Work Surfaces  
Service Drawer  
Cable Management  
Overhead Locking Compartment  
Moveable Work Surface  
TechBench and TechOrganizer
Lighting Accessories
Description Part Number
Articulating Fluorescent Light TOALTH2F
Articulating Halogen Light TOALTT2H
Under Cabinet LED Light TOALED16P, 16S, 21P, 21S, 25, 29
Omnivue 35" Mag Light MA60MM
Under Cabinet Task Light W160
Low Profile Overhead Brackets MA50MM
High Profile Overhead Brackets MA51
Overhead Brackets - Rear MA52MM
Flat Panel Display Arms Accessories
Description Part Number
Single FPD Dual Arm Mount FPDARMWL9
Single FPD Direct Slatwall Mount FPDARMWL3
Single FPD Dual Arm Slatwall Mount FPDARMWL1
Dual FPD Dual Arm Mount FPDARMWL10
Dual Vertical FPD Dual Arm Mount FPDARMWL2
Dual FPD Dual Arm Slatwall Mount FPDARMWL4
Single FPD Grommet Mount FPDARMWL5
Dual FPD Grommet Mount - 28" FPDARMWL6
Dual FPD Height Adjustable Grommet Mount - 14" FPDARMWL7
Dual FPD Height Adjustable Grommet Mount FPDARMWL8
Single FPD Dual Arm Desk Clamp TOACGAHSS - Silver
Dual FPD Dual Arm Desk Clamp TOACGAHMDS - Silver
Laptop Holder TOACSA1013B
Sextuple FPD Grommet Mount TOACMGP286A
Double Arm Mount TOACTP220B
Keyboard Trays Accessories
Description Part Number
Keyboard Bridge C857
Enhanced Cobra Keyboard Holder KBCOBRA23
Adjustable Tray with Mouse Surface None
Adjustable Clamp with Mouse Surface None
Underworksurface Keyboard Platform C24UKT
Low Profile Keyboard Holder LA08
Storage Accessories
Description Part Number
Mobile Pedestals None
6" Suspended Drawer C852
Utility Drawer C847
Suspended Pedestal C830
Tool Tray with Arm None
Whiteboard Document Holder with Arm None
Parts Bins None
White Board Panel None
Peg Board Panel None
Bin Board Panel None
PC Storage Accessories
Description Part Number
CPU Caddy Dolly RO65M
EZ Cinch CPU Holder RO72MM
Secure CPU Holder RO44MM
Stools & Ladder Accessories
Description Part Number
PAL Step Stools None
Stop-Step Stools None
Folding Ladders None
Kik-step Rolling Stool None
Other Accessories
Description Part Number
Removable Core Lock None
Analog KVM Switches

Eaton LMS™ – Service & Support

Toll free: 800.225.7348 (US Only) or 508.852.4300

160 Gold Star Boulevard
Worcester, MA 01606