Optimedia® Storage Cabinets/system

Optimedia Storage Cabinets provide custom storage solutions which save space and help increase productivity by optimizing access to critical media, materials, and supplies. You can select from eight heights, four types of locking doors, and more than 100 internal components designed to meet your exact requirements

Optimedia® – Features

Custom storage solution for:

  • DLT's, 1/4" Data Cartridges, and CD's
  • 4mm and 8mm Tapes
  • Jaz™, Zip™, and 3.5" Optical Disks
  • Documentation and Hanging Files
  • Multimedia Storage Solutions
  • Binders and Reference Materials
  • Printed Circuit Boards
  • Electrical Components and Parts Bins, Kitting Trays and Totes and many more...

Optimedia® – Documentation

Sorry no documents are available.

Optimedia® – Service & Support

Toll free: 800.225.7348 (US Only) or 508.852.4300

160 Gold Star Boulevard
Worcester, MA 01606