Eaton LCD Lift™

The world’s most innovative monitor accommodation for LCD flat panel technology is now available for the Compass™, LINX® and Profile® lines of modular furniture. Eaton’s LCD Lifts are ideal for computer labs, education and training environments, lobby and reception areas or even your personal workstation.

Eaton LCD Lift – Technical Specifications

LCD Lift Options by Worksurface Length
Worksurface Size
Single LCD
Monitor Size
Dual LCD
Monitor Size
Triple LCD
Monitor Size
36" 24" 15" n/a
48" 24" 21" n/a
60" 27" 24" 15"
LCD Specifications - Maximum Size*
27" widescreen flat panel display monitor, 45.88"W, 16.3"H, 4.2"D
24" widescreen flat panel display monitor, 22.38"W, 16.3"H, 4.2"D
21" widescreen flat panel display monitor, 20.0"W, 16.3"H, 4.2"D
15" widescreen flat panel display monitor, 11.25"W, 16.3"H, 4.2"D
*Monitor sizes may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer

General Notes:

  • Weight Capacity: 40 lbs.
  • Depth (max): 4.2" (measured from front bezel to rear of mounting surface)
  • Configurations can be configured for three possible monitor solutions
  • All dimensions are to be maximum conditions
  • Can be retrofitable with hand power tools

Eaton LCD Lift – Features

  • LCD Lift technology is ideal for training environments.
  • The integration feature transforms a computer station into a "regular" desk suitable for multi-purpose applications.
  • Ideal for managerial workstations, this state-of-the-art monitor kit permits a user to interface comfortably with guests.
  • The LCD Lift can be specified for corner workstations, making this technology available for your personal workstation.
  • Your LCD monitor is properly positioned to optimize proper focal distances and can be complemented by an optional keyboard platform accessory.

Eaton LCD Lift – Documentation

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Eaton LCD Lift – Service & Support

Toll free: 800.225.7348 (US Only) or 508.852.4300

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Worcester, MA 01606