Marine & Offshore UPS

We have extensive experience in supplying the marine industry with uninterruptible power systems. Eaton integrates a full line of uninterruptible power systems, power conversion products, power management software, remote monitoring, turnkey integration services and site support.

Eaton 9SX Marine

Мощность: 1000-3000 ВА
Структура: Tower with mounting rails and vibration absorbers
Сертификация: DNV and ABS Type Approval

Eaton 9PX Marine

Power: 1500-3000 VA
Structure: Rack/tower (free standing)
Approvals: DNV-GL Type Approval

Eaton 9155 Marine

Power: 8-30 kVA
Structure: Tower with mounting rails and vibration absorbers
Approvals: DNV Type Approval, BV Type Approval and ABS PDA (up to 15 kVA). Other classification survey report on request.

Eaton 93PS Marine

Мощность: 8-40 kW
Структура: Модульный 3-фазный ИБП с модулями Hot Swap (с возможностью горячей замены), разработанный специально для применения на морских судах
Сертификация: Отчет о классификационном освидетельствовании по запросу