Eaton Environmental Monitoring Probe UPS Connectivity Device FAQs

1. How do I connect the Environmental Monitoring Probe to the ConnectUPS Web/SNMP card?
Connect the supplied CAT5 network cable, from the EMP's RJ45 connector labeled "010101" to the COM port on the ConnectUPS Web/SNMP Card. 

Web card demo

2. How do I connect the external contact closure inputs to the Environmental Monitoring Probe? 
There are four screw terminals on the face of the EMP. Connect external contact closure device number one to terminals one and two of the EMP. Connect external contact closure device number two to terminals three and four of the EMP.

3. What types of contacts can be monitored by the contact closure inputs on the EMP? 
Any open/close contact closure device can be monitored via the EMP. This might include such items as site security devices, high water detection devices or system status indicators. 

4. How do I configure the temperature and humidity limits on the EMP? 
The EMP can be configured through the ConnectUPS Web/SNMP card via a serial terminal emulation program such as Hyperterminal, through Telnet or through a Web Browser. If using a Web browser; launch the Web Browser, type in the ConnectUPS-Web/SNMP Card address; select the Configuration tab, then the EMP Settings tab. Enter password to become a superuser and change settings to your preference. Refer to the ConnectUPS Web/SNMP Card manual for further configuration details.

5. What is the part number and list price of the EMP?
P/N 116750224-001.

6. How does the EMP alert me when the temperature and/or humidity exceed pre-defined limits? 
The EMP will generate an alarm signal to the ConnectUPS-Web/SNMP card, which will generate an SNMP trap and notify you of the alarm via e-mail.

7. How does the EMP shut down client computers when temperature and/or humidity readings exceed pre-defined limits? 
In the Web card configuration, you chose whether or not you wish to shut down registered NetWatch clients when temp/humidity alarm limits are exceeded. If you choose to shut down the clients, the Web card sends a command to all NetWatch clients to proceed with a graceful shutdown of the O/S.

8. What operating systems does NetWatch support?
Please check for latest NetWatch compatibility list.

9. What items ship in the EMP package?

  1. EMP unit
  2. User's Guide
  3. Double sided Velcro tape for easy EMP mounting
  4. 1 x screw for secure wall mounting
  5. 1m CAT5-cable

10. Is there a demo of the EMP that I can view?

View and test drive a live ConnectUPS Web/SNMP Adapter with an EMP

11. What are the different mounting options provided for the EMP?

  1. The EMP can be mounted in several different ways:
  2. Wall mounting with provided screw
  3. Rack mounting with a bolt
  4. Attach to any surface with provided Velcro-tape