Basics of UPS Service

The following white papers are designed to help you understand the basic concepts of UPS service from why you should have a preventive maintenance plan to what your choices are for implementing the plan.

The Benefits of a Preventive Maintenance Service Plan for your UPS
Although there are various threats that can lead to UPS failure, a preventive maintenance service plan can dramatically minimize these risks.

The ABCs of UPS Service
The old adage of, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may be feasible in some circumstances, but applying it to the maintenance of a UPS can have devastating consequences. Because a company relies on a UPS to deliver continuous power without any disruption to its business, proper service is a critical component to ensuring optimal performance from a UPS while minimizing the risks of downtime.

Choosing a UPS Service Plan
Whether you choose to engage in a regular preventive maintenance contract with a UPS manufacturer, rely on an independent service provider, perform routine maintenance in-house, or call upon professional expertise only when needed, there are specific benefits to each option, as well as disadvantages of which you should be aware.