eNotify Hardware Requirements

UPS ModelRequired Web Card
(Web/SNMP device)
Web Card Part NumberRequired Environmental Monitoring
Probe (EMP)¹ Part Number
Powerware 9120ConnectUPS-BD 116750222-001116750224-001
Eaton 9170+ConnectUPS-BD 116750222-001116750224-001
Eaton 9130ConnectUPS-BD 116750222-001116750224-001
Eaton BladeUPSConnectUPS-X116750221-001116750224-001
Eaton 9355ConnectUPS-X116750221-001116750224-001
Eaton 9390ITConnectUPS-X116750221-001116750224-001
Eaton 9390²ConnectUPS-X116750221-001116750224-001
Eaton 9395²ConnectUPS-X116750221-001116750224-001
Powerware 9125ConnectUPS-X116750221-001116750224-001
Eaton 9140ConnectUPS-X116750221-001116750224-001
Eaton 9155ConnectUPS-X116750221-001116750224-001
Powerware 9330ConnectUPS-X116750221-001116750224-001
Eaton 9135²MGE Network Management Card 6610266846
Eaton EvolutionMGE Network Management Card 6610266846
Eaton Evolution SMGE Network Management Card 6610266846
Eaton EXMGE Network Management Card 6610266846
Eaton MXMGE Network Management Card 6610266846
Eaton EX RTMGE Network Management Card 6610266846

1. The EMP connects to the Web/SNMP Card with a CAT5 cable that is included with the EMP. The Web/SNMP Card installs into an X-Slot on the UPS.
2. 9390, 9315, 9395 models include eNotify and connectivity parts at no charge during the 1st year warranty period upon enrollment (excludes 9390IT)