Eaton's top 5 most significant U.S. power outages for 2012

5. Late-winter snowstorm
March 3 – Michigan. Some areas around Detroit and north had more than 15 inches of snow bring down trees and power lines knocking out power for more than 200,000 people.
4. Windstorm
April 16 – Michigan. Fierce April winds cut power statewide, leaving more than 202,000 customers without electricity.
3. Hurricane Isaac
August 29-30 – Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Hurricane Isaac wreaked havoc along the Gulf Coast knocking out power for more than 850,000 people.
2. Summer storm
June 29 – Ohio Valley and Mid-Atlantic. A fast-moving series of thunderstorms clobbered the region with more storms hitting the area on subsequent days. The resulting outages affected more than 3.9 million people from Illinois to Maryland. Adding to the misery were triple digit temperatures that people had to contend with for days without air conditioning.
1. Hurricane Sandy
Oct 29-31 – Virginia to Maine and as far west as Michigan. This superstorm caused many fatalities, catastrophic damage, and power outages for more than 8.1 million people.
Power outages are unavoidable
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